Registration FAQ

Event registration is powered by the Entity Registration module for Drupal.

What are Registration types? Can we customize different registration forms?

Registration types are the preset forms that you can add to your events. You can have unlimited registration types. If you add new registration types, before you start using them, you will need to contact SCLS staff to add permissions for anonymous users (patrons) to register with that type of registration.

Can I have questions like Age, Phone Number, etc. on my site's registration forms?

Short answer: Yes. Add these questions to an existing Registration type under Structure > Registration > Registration types > [Your site's type] Manage Fields. You may also need to add the new field(s) to the Registrant Data View under Structure > Views > Registrant Data. Contact SCLS staff for more info.

Can there be separate registrations for events with repeating dates? Can there be time slot registrations within a master event?

No. You will need to create separate events for each date/time slot to get separate registrations for each one.

Why does the registration form have extra questions when I am logged in to Drupal? Can patrons see these?

The "publisher" role on SCLS-hosted sites gets the ability to manage registrations, so you will see some extra questions on an event's registration form when you are logged in. These permissions are not intended to be granted to anonymous users (patrons). To see what patrons see, view the form in a different browser where you are not logged in.

Is there a way to download all the registrations for an event?

Sort of. There is no export functionality included with Entity Registration, but anyplace you see a table on screen, you can copy the data, paste it into Excel, and save it.

Where can I get a list of registrations with all the extra fields like Age, Phone Number, etc.?

Under each event's Manage Registrations tab, we provide an extra link to List Registrant Data. This displays a custom View that can have extra fields added to it. If you add extra fields to a Registration type, they will not be automatically added to this custom View. You will need to add the new fields to the Registrant Data View under Structure > Views > Registrant Data. Contact SCLS staff for more info.

What are Registration states?

Registration states are labels for different stages of registration. In the simplest cases there is only one state: Complete. You might set different states on some registrations if you have a wait list or if you accept registrations pending payments.

Would this generate program attendance statistics?

The default metric counted by Entity Registration is number of registrants. It is theoretically possible to generate program attendance statistics using custom Registration states and Views, and you are free to experiment with this.

Can we use this for SLP?

If you want to, yes. SCLS staff will not do development work to duplicate features in Entity Registration that are already available with Zoho Creator or existing Drupal modules.

Why is the module called Entity Registration? That is confusing.

Entity Registration can (in theory) be used with any Drupal content type, not just events. "Entity" is Drupal jargon for an instance of something. It IS confusing.

What will this cost us?

$0 plus the time to learn it.