Configuring Site Information

General information about a website is stored in Site Information, found under Configuration > [System] Site information. SCLS staff provide the initial settings for your site, but changes may be needed later on. For example, the sitewide email address may need to change.

If you are not able to access Site Information on your website, please contact SCLS staff to enable access.

Site details

  • Site name: The name of your site displayed at the top of the browser window, in the header of your website, and other places where the website name is displayed automatically.
  • Slogan: An optional tagline that may appear on your site, typically in text near the site name and logo.
  • E-mail address: The From address in automated e-mails sent during new password requests, and other notifications.

Front page

  • Number of posts on front page: If your site uses the default content feed, the number of posts to display on the front page. (If your site uses a Views page or Panels page, this setting may be overridden.)
  • Default front page: The URL for a Basic page (node), Views page, or Panels page to display instead of the default content feed.

Error pages

Leave these settings blank to use the defaults, unless directed otherwise.

  • Default 403 (access denied) page
  • Default 404 (not found) page