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In Drupal 9 most of the Webform configuration has moved under "Structure." Many configuration options are available. Overview of Webform Features.

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Email Webform Responses

A webform can, optionally, send an email when a new response is submitted.

Drupal 9

Using Media and IMCE File Manager together on a Drupal 9 site

Insert an image with a link using IMCE File Manager (AKA, the file browser we used with Drupal 7)

For sites that expect to create links on images on a regular basis, an alternate file browser can be added for your site, providing an additional button to Insert from IMCE File Manager. This button inserts an image as a plain <img> tag that won't trigger the empty paragraph bug when a link is added to the image. This configuration is supported as a workaround and will be phased out when the bug is fixed.

Bug: Media images with links create empty paragraph tags

An unfortunate bug exists in Drupal 9 related to adding links around images inserted from the Media Library into a field with the editing toolbar: each time the editing toolbar loads, an empty paragraph tag is added after any Media image with a link. If the page is saved without deleting the empty paragraph, it will add a visible blank line in the content. Repeated edits will insert more empty paragraphs that will build up. The following actions are known to trigger this bug:

Editing Layouts Using the Layout Builder UI - Drupal 9

After you have saved a layout, you can make edits to it by selecting the Layout tab. Make sure to click the "Save layout" button to complete your edits.

Building Layouts Using the Layout Builder UI - Drupal 9

If content allows overriding the default layout, a Layout tab will be available near the Edit tab.

When the Layout Builder UI is first accessed, the Page Layout will default to displaying the Body field as it would be displayed without Layout Builder enabled. You may choose to remove the defaults and begin with an empty layout, or keep them in place.

Layout Builder - Drupal 9

Drupal's Layout Builder allows content editors and site builders to create grid layouts for displaying content. Users can customize how content is arranged on a single page, across types of content, or even create custom landing pages with a drag-and-drop interface. Layout Builder is turned on by default for Basic pages on SCLS-supported library websites.

Managing Media & Files - Drupal 9

The Media Library module includes a simple view of your media on the media administration page (/admin/content/media). The table-style view provided by the Media module is shown by default, but the grid-style view in the tab sub-menu allows you to toggle between the two styles.

Like nodes, media items can be managed in bulk by selecting multiple items and applying actions, such as delete or unpublish, using the drop-down menu. Several filters are also provided to help find specific media items in the library.

Media Library - Drupal 9

Media Library is an image and document management tool that enables you to find media that exists in your site and to add new media items. It allows you to search, sort, and create media items.

Accessing the Media Library

The Media Library is accessed through a field dedicated for uploading Media, or through the Insert from Media Library button on the CKEditor toolbar.


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