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Configuring Site Information

General information about a website is stored in Site Information, found under Configuration > [System] Site information. SCLS staff provide the initial settings for your site, but changes may be needed later on. For example, the sitewide email address may need to change.

If you are not able to access Site Information on your website, please contact SCLS staff to enable access.

Homepage Variations

Drupal's default front page

Drupal's default front page displays a list of the 10 most recent content nodes on the homepage. Each item in the list will display:

  • Title
  • Summary/Teaser
  • "Read more" link

The default front page list is comprised of 2 groups of content:

Creating and Editing Website Content

There are often multiple ways to accomplish the same task in Drupal. This guide provides steps for one way of doing tasks related to content maintenance. You may find alternate methods that you prefer.

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