Avoid mixed content warnings (HTTPS/HTTP)

Web browsers may display "mixed content" warnings in the address bar when an HTTPS (secure) webpage contains images, iframes, or other resources from HTTP (non-secure) source URLs on other websites. This may cause the whole page to be delivered insecurely.

  • Staff should keep an eye out for "mixed content" that causes pages to not display as HTTPS.
  • Staff should update links, images, and embedded content on the site to make it HTTPS where possible.

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What does it look like when a page has mixed content?

Embed Codes

An embed code is a snippet of HTML code that displays content from a different website, such as a YouTube video or Zoho Creator SLP registration form. ("Widget" and "iframe" may be used interchangeably for "embed code" in some cases.) You can install embed codes in pages or blocks on your site.

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