Embed Codes

An embed code is a snippet of HTML code that displays content from a different website, such as a YouTube video or Zoho Creator SLP registration form. ("Widget" and "iframe" may be used interchangeably for "embed code" in some cases.) You can install embed codes in pages or blocks on your site.

  1. Copy the embed code.
  2. Edit your page/block.
  3. If your page/block will have primarily the embed code all by itself, scroll down below the Body box. Under Text format, select Full HTML. If not, Click the Source button on the toolbar.
  4. Paste in the embed code.
  5. Save the page/block and view it in a few browsers to check the display. Suggested: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
  6. Make adjustments to the embed code as needed. For example, if an embed code includes an <iframe> tag, you may be able to customize the height to eliminate a vertical scroll bar.

Finding embed codes