Slick Carousel

Slick Carousel is an optional feature that can be added to a site supported by SCLS. "Slick" refers to both the Drupal module name and the JavaScript library which provide the carousel functionality. When installed, the Slick Carousel consists of:

  • A new content type called "Slide."
  • A new block called "Slick Carousel."

1 Slide = 1 slide in the Slick Slideshow block.

Add a slide to the slideshow:

  1. Select Content > Add content > Slide.
  2. Give the Slide a Title, Slide image, and optional Link. Text entered in any of the fields should be considered public even though it is not directly presented to the public (it is not protected).
    1. Title: Something you will recognize in the content admin list.
    2. Slide image: Upload an image 840x420 pixels wide. Add alternate text.
    3. Link: Optional. Works with absolute or relative paths, or leave blank.
    4. Body: Leave blank.
  3. Publishing options tab: Make sure the checkbox for "Published" is checked.
  4. Save.

Remove a slide from the slideshow:

Slides may be removed from the slideshow by:

  • Unpublishing (for temporary removal)
  • Deleting (for permanent removal)

Ordering slides

  • Slide order is Sticky status (desc), Post date (asc). Anything marked as "Sticky" (under the Slide's Publishing options tab) will appear first, followed by the rest in Post date order (oldest to newest).
  • If more than Slide is Sticky, the Sticky ones will sort by Post date at the beginning.
  • Slides' Post dates can be altered (under the Authoring information tab) by changing the Authored on date to force a Slide into a different order.

Adjusting Slick Carousel configuration

Slick Carousel behavior is controlled by a set of preconfigured settings. If adjustments are needed, this is how to make them:

  1. Select Configuration > [Media] Slick carousel.
  2. For sites using only one carousel, select the "Edit" link next to "Front page slider."
  3. Select the Settings tab.
  4. Adjust relevant settings. Example:
    1. Autoplay: Check or uncheck.
    2. Speed: 500ms is the default (1/2 second).
  5. Save.

Additional settings for Slick Carousel are found under Structure > Views. Contact SCLS for assistance with these settings.