Creating Photo Albums & Galleries

A photo album is a group of related images displayed on your website.

  • Albums can contain multiple images.
  • An album is a Drupal node with the content type “Photo Album.”
  • Images are added to an album by adding them to the album’s node one by one.

A gallery is a group of related albums.

  • A gallery can contain multiple photo albums. Each album shows the album title and one image.
  • A gallery is a Drupal node with the content type “Gallery.”

Creating New Albums

At least one gallery has already been added to your website. To add a new album to the gallery:

  1. Log into your website.
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. Go to Add content > Photo Album
    2. Navigate to the gallery page, then click the link at the bottom that says “Create Photo Album.”
  3. Fill in information for your new album:
    1. Title: displays at the top of the album and on the gallery page.
    2. Body: descriptive text that displays above the photos.
    3. Image:
      1. Click Browse.
      2. Locate the image on your computer.
      3. Select the image (double-click it, or single-click it and click Open).
      4. Click the Upload button.
      5. (Strongly Recommended) Add Alternate text to each image. How it will be used:
        1. If there is no Title text, it will display when site visitors hover over the full-size image.
        2. Screen rreaders will speak the alternate text for visually impaired visitors.
        3. Google will index it.
      6. (Optional) Add a Title to each image. How it will be used:It will be displayed when site visitors hover over the full-size image.
        1. Screen readers may speak the title for visually impaired visitors.
        2. Google will index it.
      7. Continue adding images as needed for the album.
      8. To reorder the images, click the compass icon and drag the image up or down in the list.
    4. Screen shot of the Gallery Reference drop-down menuGallery Reference: If there is a drop-down menu, pick which Gallery this album should be a part of. If there is no drop-down menu under Gallery Reference, this album is already associated with a specific Gallery.
  4. Click Save.