Developer Permissions

At your request, SCLS staff may grant access to developer tools that will give you a higher degree of control over your site. Some examples include:

  • SFTP access to:
    • directories used by Drupal's file browser
    • directories where your site theme's CSS files are stored
  • Modules providing additional functionality/enhancements for your site, such as:

Great power + great responsibility

Developer access to your site includes the ability to change settings that may have serious impacts on how the site looks and behaves.

  • As a developer you will be responsible for educating yourself about how to use the tools at your disposal and implementing changes independently.
  • SCLS staff will work with you to try to achieve your website objectives, but may not be able to provide exhaustive support for developer tools or solutions to problems you may encounter.

Not included with developer tools

  • Edit access to the shared core Drupal software code base or pre-installed modules and themes. (SCLS staff perform the upgrades)
  • Command-line (shell) access
  • Database access via command-line or phpMyAdmin
  • On-demand/DIY backup and restore
  • Access in the Drupal interface to administer users/modules