Removing Formatting from Copied & Pasted Content

On some occasions you may need to copy and paste content from an email, Word document, or another source into a field that uses the CKEditor toolbar. The copied and pasted content can bring formatting with it that may look mismatched with your website's sitewide theme styling. The best way to avoid problems is to remove formatting from copied and pasted content using one of these options:

Paste as plain text button

The CKEditor toolbar "Paste as plain text" button (Paste as plain text button icon) opens a popup dialog where you will be asked to paste the fragment of text. Hit Ctrl+V to paste your text in. Once pasted, the text will lose all its formatting and you will be able to reformat it using the toolbar options.

Remove Format button

To remove text styling applied to text after it is already pasted into the editing form, select the text fragment and press the "Remove Format" toolbar button (Remove formatting button icon). All text styling will be removed and the text will be displayed with the editor's default formatting.

Source code editing

Formatting can also be removed by modifying the HTML tags and inline CSS rules. Click the Source button to view and edit the HTML code.