Post-migration Tips

Your library website's Drupal migration is done. Congratulations! Please follow these tips to keep your site running smoothly:

Check reports periodically

Your Drupal site keeps several reports. Check them occasionally to be aware of problems your site visitors may be experiencing.

Recent log messages

  1. Select Reports > Recent log messages
  2. Note the messages being logged for your site.

Be concerned if you see messages with:

  1. type "php"
  2. severity "error" (or anything more ominous)

Contact the SCLS Help Desk for assistance interpeting this type of message.

Address frequently-occurring "page not found" errors

Click on the message. The "Referrer" will tell you how visitors are finding the item that was "not found" (it may be a page, image, pdf, etc).

If a 3rd-party service references a missing image/document file, if possible, give that service the new image/document URL. (Example: If you put a logo URL into Awesome Box before migrating, sign into Awesome Box to replace it with the post-migration logo URL. Same goes for WorldCat FirstSearch.)

To improve your visitors' experience, you may want to create redirects for the "page not found" locations. A helpful list for prioritizing is available at Configuration > [Search and metadata] URL redirects > Fix 404 pages tab. (Sort the list by last accessed to show recent 404s.) Pre-migration 404s may have have been fixed already; however, if you are seeing current 404s containing your site's "beta" URL, investigate and try to correct where they are coming from.

No action is necessary for theseĀ  "page not found" errors:

  • favicon.ico
  • apple-touch-icon.png, apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png, etc.

Use Google Analytics

SCLS staff may have created a new Google Analytics account, property, or view for the new website (separate from an older one that kept data on the old site). You can access the new site's usage data with a Google Account. Contact SCLS staff to enable access.

If you had Analytics reports being emailed for the old site, you may need to schedule similar emails for the new site with the new Analytics account/property/view.