About Drupal

What is Drupal?

  • Content Management System: Drupal is a content management system. “Content” refers to the information you publish on your website, so in this context “content management system” simply means “tool for building and maintaining websites.”
  • Web-Based: Drupal runs from software on the SCLS web server. You can access Drupal from a web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome. You do not need to additional software installed on your computer to use it.
  • Open Source: Drupal is an open source product developed and maintained by a community of thousands of users and developers. Drupal software is free to download, but SCLS provides the web server infrastructure and staff to maintain and support it.
  • Database-Driven: Drupal stores content and settings in an online database. When a website visitor requests a page from a Drupal website, Drupal gets all the content and settings for that page from the database and displays them as a web page.
  • Configurable: Drupal has numerous settings that can be configured to make each website unique. You currently have access to a selection of settings and can be granted access to more upon request.